Chicago Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Violations Lawyer

A successful criminal defense lawyer has many qualities. They include:

  • Experience: Years in legal practice trying cases before judges and juries, and working behind the scenes to negotiate with prosecutors
  • Passion: A belief that people deserve an aggressive, dedicated advocate at every stage of their cases, from before charges are ever filed to even after a verdict is handed down
  • Tenacity: A willingness to think creatively in the face of unfavorable facts and to expose holes in a prosecution for the maximum benefit of a client

There is one attorney in Chicago who embodies all these traits as well as a commitment to results: Aaron Goldstein. Beginning as a public defender, where he gained direct trial experience that many lawyers never obtain, and now in private practice, he has held firm to the belief that people facing state and federal criminal charges in Illinois deserve the highest quality legal representation. At The Goldstein Firm, P.C., we are committed to being Chicago's leading criminal defense firm.

Fighting For Chicagoans Accused Of Crimes And Mistreated In The Criminal Justice System

Our view is that a case is never more important than when it involves a client's freedom or civil liberties. That is why our firm handles only two types of cases: criminal defense and civil rights violations.

In our criminal defense practice, we represent people charged with both state and federal crimes in Illinois. These can range from more straightforward offenses, such as driving under the influence and shoplifting, to serious offenses like violent crimes and drug crimes, where clients may face years if not decades in prison if convicted. No matter what charges are involved, our goal is simple: Help our clients avoid a conviction or otherwise minimize the penalties they face.

Our civil rights practice is a natural extension of our commitment to ensuring that people are not taken advantage of in the criminal justice system. We firmly believe that police and jail officials should never get away with misconduct, and when they do engage in tactics that directly harm a client's case — or physical well-being — we aggressively pursue all available criminal and civil relief.

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